Shanghai unveils plans to support “future industries”

16 Aug 2023

Shanghai is set to quadruple the total computing capacity in the city by 2025 in a bid to bolster economic development, smart city construction, industrial automation and boost so-called future industries.

The plans will also include VR/AR (virtual and augmented reality) sectors and new energy storage, according to a statement from a city official on Tuesday.

According to a Shanghai blueprint published this week, Shanghai will increase its computing capacity four-fold by 2025 compared to the 2020 level, as well as boost digital economy infrastructures, comprising of 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, chip and cloud sectors, Shine News reports.

Shanghai is at the forefront nationwide of developing “future industries,” including new energy storage and VR/AR. As per a white paper detailing “future industry” development, the Shanghai index came in second place nationwide behind Beijing yet remained in front of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

The artificial intelligence innovation is set to drive the development of “future industry,” according to the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Informatization on Tuesday.

In addition, the city is backing five “future industries” comprising health care, energy, intelligence, space and materials. The commission went on to add that a number of organisations and agencies will provide support for core tech, industrialisation, talent and business environment.

Furthermore, a city-level Future Industry Star competition is also taking place in Shanghai, which is attracting 536 projects from across the globe. More than 120 projects have since been selected to take part in the second round of the competition.