More mass Covid testing ordered in Shanghai and Beijing

06 Jul 2022

Residents in areas of Shanghai and Beijing are required to undergo additional rounds of Covid tests as new cases have been detected in both cities.

Strict lockdown restrictions have only just been eased in Shanghai, which saw the majority of the 24 million population unable to leave home for weeks.

Reports suggest this latest outbreak in Shanghai stemmed from a karaoke venue that failed to carry out prevention measures amongst staff and customers, according to the health commission. As a result, such establishments have had to suspend business temporarily, the city’s department of culture and tourism reported.

The lockdown in Shanghai led to numerous protests against the government’s strict measures, leaving residents battling to access basic essentials and medical services.

Beijing also reported an outbreak associated with a nightlife venue, Yahoo News reports. Regular testing has been ongoing for several weeks, yet the measures in place are not as strict as in Shanghai, even though regular testing and preventative measures are still mandatory.

A total of 24 new cases were reported in Shanghai on Tuesday, a three-week high, along with another two cases detected outside quarantine on Wednesday, according to health officials.

As such, with cases found outside isolation and numerous city districts, concerns are mounting the virus is once again spreading widely, Bloomberg reports.

The increasing number of infections in Shanghai has also triggered fresh caution within the business world. Some banks and fund houses have requested staff work from home and need to present a negative test to be able to return to the office.

The city’s tallest skyscraper, Shanghai Tower, has asked tenants, including JP Morgan Chase and Fitch Ratings, to comply with the emergency testing measures throughout this week, Bloomberg News reports.