5 of the fastest-growing industries

30 Aug 2019

Renewable energy – Over the years, this industry has become more affordable and in demand.  It is one of the main sources to battle the rising issue of climate change since it makes use of sources that replenish themselves over time. National Geographic says that ‘renewables are the fastest growing source of energy in the world.’ Why is the industry booming? In order to tackle climate change, worldwide governments are encouraging the use of greener actions that will not harm the environment with carbon emissions and pollution. Examples of renewable energy are biomass, geothermal, hydro, solar and wind. In addition, investing in products that mad use of renewable energy will also save money from your expenses. 
Cybersecurity – As technological advancements enabled finance to take place online, the security measures had to adapt and increase to make sure that consumers are protected. Cybercrime has also progressed with technology, and poses a threat to individuals as well as large companies, banks and governments. Cybersecurity helps to identify any risks and protect the information from being breached during a cyberattack.  

Biotechnology – This is the development of technology that uses biological systems and living organisms to create new products. The population of earth is rapidly increasing, estimated to reach 8.1 billion individuals, and biotechnology would help us research and discover new disciplines and allows the latest technology to be used in different areas such as medicine and agriculture.  

Virtual Reality (VR) – VR has become a common abbreviation that we hear, and it has been associated with entertainment purposes. ColdFusion defines VR as ‘a computer generator simulation or a placement of one’s environment.’ By putting on a headset, it ‘substitutes [the real world with] a digital world as designed to fool your senses.’ VR has nowadays been integrated with gaming consoles, that help make the game more real, however such technology has also been used for the military, sport as well as mental health.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Its main pioneers are in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, ‘AI is a machine with the ability to solve problems that are usually done by us humans with our natural intelligence. Companies have started to invest to see such technology progress, and we’ve already started seeing companies attempting at producing self-driving cars. Robots are also being used in companies, which adapt, learn and help consumers and businesses in their needs.